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"Tussen tafellaken en servet" (Between table cloth and napkin)
Bram de Jong, bassoon with Olga Malkina, piano a.o. -
ISBN 9-789082-2801-1-1
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Debut CD by bassoonist Bram de Jong with Olga Malkina on piano.
Master Jozsef Auer inspired Bram to make his first CD with, amongst others, the work "Sparkle Extra" with which Bram won the 2008 Edition of the Dutch Bassoon Competition.
Also participating in this CD: Hans Rijkmans - Violin, Simone Spaan - Violin, Maaike-Merel van Baarzel - Viola, Maarten Jansen - Cello and Timothy Brandsen - bass.
The CD was recorded in the Frits Philips Music Hall in Eindhoven.

The price of this CD is 18.50 incl. postage.
ISBN 9-789082-2801-1-1
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Bram de Jong - Tussen tafellaken en servet

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