"Un Sospiro"

Olga Malkina, piano with Nico Blom, organ - ISBN 8-713602-9938-6-2
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Not only will the second CD made by Olga Malkina and Nico Blom as a
duo provide you with unique transcriptions, but also will you be able to experience
the beautiful sound of a Batz organ (1897).
The recordings have been made in the N.H. Kerk in Boskoop, Holland.

‘Un Sospiro’ has been listed first place in the Dutch TROS Radio Classical Top 50 for five weeks and has been distributed world-wide.

The price for a CD is ˆ 14,95,- ex postage.
ISBN 8-713602-9938-6-2
You can order the CD at BOL.com via this link. Select Malkina Originals als seller.



CD Olga Malkina en Nico Blom - Un Sospiro

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