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Olga Malkina is a concert pianist and organist. She has performed as an orchestral soloist with a number of Dutch symphony orchestras. In 2013, she released her latest CD, Russian Album - 19th and 20th century. Un Sospiro ranked number one for five consecutive weeks in the Tros Classical Music Top 50.

Performances and albums
As a solo concert pianist and organist, Olga Malkina has a long track record in the Netherlands and abroad: orchestral soloist (piano) with a number of Dutch symphony orchestras, organ recitals, concert in the Main Hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam
Organ tour in Switzerland.

Olga Malkina followed international master classes with organists including Arturo Sacchetti (Vatican) and Christoph Krummacher (Germany), while in the Netherlands she was coached by Jos van der Kooy.
The foundation for her piano and organ study was laid at the Kurmangazy Conservatoire in Almaty (Kazachstan), where she graduated as a performing musician, majoring in both piano (prof. M. Balabichev and E. Kirsanova) and organ (prof. A. Karasajeva).
Nowadays, she takes coaching advice for the piano from Elly Salome and Viviana Sofronitsky.


Olga Malkina was born in Russia (Nachodka, east of Vladivostok) and grew up in Almaty, Kazachstan. At the age of six, she took her first piano lessons and it soon became apparent that she had a special talent. She has lived and worked in the Netherlands since 1995.



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